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About Us

Jain Ayurveda

Jain Ayurveda is established with the aim of introducing the forgotten five thousand year old Ayurveda medical science to common people and treating the diseases in cost-effective way. It is the beauty of Ayurveda that it cures the disease with no pain and no side-effects. Thus, the trust level on Ayurvedic medicines grows better than others. Be it long term diseases like diabetes, acne, piles or short term curable diseases like hair fall or weight gain; Ayurveda has the power to cure them all. It has been seen mostly that the Allopath and Unani medicines are made from fish oil and animal fat; which make them ineligible to be consumed by pure vegetarians. As the medicines are derived from herbs and shrubs; they are 100% vegetarian and are eligible to be consumed by the people of all religions. Since 2015, Jain Ayurveda is been into making and delivering the medicines that can cure the diseases at reasonable price. From Gau Mutra to Jadi Buti; Jain Ayurveda has it all to treat the illnesses effectively.

The Weight Loss Capsules with the name Move Obesity is one among their most selling product. A pack of sixty capsules are doing and had done magic to the life of many by helping them to fight obesity and regain the lost body energy and shape. Besides the medicines for White Spots, Hair Fall, Piles, Diabetes and others have also been fruitful for many people.